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The HYDROT-pt5 hits the bullseye in regulating bloodflow...increasing healing rate...controlling pain and swelling...at the touch of a button!

The HYDROT-pt5™, revolutionizes healing with a quantum leap over any conventional application as the fastest and best, representing over 20 years of research and development, affording the latest in natural healing technology today.  


The revolutionary “HYDROT-pt5™ is market tested, and has received FDA and Insurance approval and stands without peer.  The Hydrot-pt5™ delivers automated alternating Hot, Neutral Zone, Cold, Intermittent Compression, and Directional Massage… back to back, through a single pad, automatically.


Regulating blood flow locally for temporary relief of minor musculoskeletal pain, swelling  and strains. Case studies show increased local blood circulation for wound healing, cancer...

Upgrading procedures up to 50% Stated by experts, this self-contained, user-friendly unit significantly minimizes rehabilitation time, costs, dangers and the discomforts associated with ice and hot packs… meeting the treatment protocol  required by all major medical segment endorsements.

Pain control - the Hydrot-pt5™ controls pain by regulating blood flow in and out of the area, preventing restriction that would otherwise stress the nerves causing pain.

In-cast application - reduces atrophy, muscle bulk loss, time in cast decreased, better healing, and quicker rehabilitation due to local increase in blood flow.

Reduces swelling and edema by moving blood in and out of the area, using the 5 modalities creating a vacuum and pump effect.

Multiply white (“T”) blood cells - the defense system attacking any foreign matter in the blood stream…Pavlov Effect, as one internal medicine physician puts it, The Hydrot is a smart pad, giving the body what it needs when it needs it. From cause to effect consistency, timing and rhythm throughout the application. Provides a calculated healing response.  


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